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Sexting is a new phenomenon thatis growing exponentially each day. Join Prof. John Humbach and Prof. Bridget Crawford, both from Pace Law School, discussingProf. Humbach’s article, titled “Sexting” and the First Amendment, asProf. Humbach explains the First Amendment and the implications of teenagers engaging in creating, sending, receiving and possessing sexually explicitimages. Prof. Humbach writes that “[g]iven the reality of changing socialpractices, mores, and technology utilization, today’s pornography laws are atrap for unwary teens and operate, in effect, to criminalize a large fractionof America’s young people. ” Access the full article.

Recommended Citation
John Humbach, “Sexting” and the First Amendment, 37 Hastings Const. L. Q. 433 (2010).

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