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International and transnational law is a growing and quickly evolving area of law. We are pleased to invite you to join Damon Schwartz, Pace Law School and Vis Moot alum, currently clerking for the Honorable Judge Delissa A. Ridgway at the United States Court of International Trade as he interviews Dr. Klaus Peter Berger, a Professor of Law at the Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL) at the University of Cologne, in Germany. Prof. Berger is the founder of CENTRAL. He conducts research in transnational law and provides for the integration of practical training in the study of law. Prof. Berger is the author of The Creeping Codification of The New Lex Mercatoria and the founder of a free research and codification platform for transnational law, Trans-Lex.org available at www.trans-lex.org, both discussed in this podcast.

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