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In July 2012, the Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section (FCIL-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) presented a program at the annual conference in Boston, MA titled Access to Indian Legal Information in Digital Environment: A Comparative Study of Commercial Databases and Public Domain Resources in Law. The FCIL-SIS Executive Committee was proud to welcome the eleventh recipient of the FCIL-SIS Schaffer Grant for Foreign Law LibrariansMs. Priya Rai. Ms. Priya Rai, the 2012 recipient, is the Deputy Librarian In-Charge at the Justice T.P.S. Chawla Library, National Law University Delhi, India.  She has worked in this capacity since June 2009, and is responsible for providing legal information services to law students and faculty. Ms. Rai provides legal research training at the National Law University, Delhi, but is also engaged with the wider legal community, contributing to the Legal Information Institute of India Project, and providing legal research services to attorneys, judges, and parliamentarians. Click here to read more about Ms. Priya Rai.

Ms. Rai delivered an enriching presentation to a room filled with experts in international, foreign, and comparative legal research, addressing the process of publishing and publishers of Indian Legal Information as well as the digital access thereto. She has provided invaluable insight into the differences between commercial and public domain access to Indian legal information and where to access authoritative Indian legal documents. The audience engaged in a live question and answer segment at the end expanding on the presentation. To listen Ms. Priya Rai’s presentation, please access the MP3 file below. Click here to access Ms. Rai’s slides.


Access to Indian Digital Legal Information by Priya Rai
Playing Time: 48:06


Introduction by Sergio Stone (2012 FCIL-SIS Chair) at 0:00
Introduction of the speaker by Ryan Harrington (2012 FCIL-SIS Schaffer Grant Selection Committee Chair) at 2:16
Ms. Priya Rai (2012 FCIL-SIS Schaffer Grant Recipient) at 5:48
Questions & Answers Segment with Priya Rai at 33:54

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